A tale of two Palmer Method websites

I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently acquired has been around since 2011, serving as a reproduction of the first 13 lessons from The Palmer Method of Business Writing.

I remember back in 2016 when I was first getting into penmanship and I learned about from a post on Reddit. I had no idea something like the Palmer Method existed, let alone that there was a website dedicated to it and people were out there studying it.

While was and is a great resource, I always thought it could better serve those looking to learn the Palmer Method. I started corresponding with the owner of and eventually we had a deal to transfer ownership.

Now that I operate, I’ve already begun making improvements to the site. The site is now optimized for mobile devices, ads have been removed, and there is a contact form so visitors can ask questions. I’ve also added links to on the site so users can more easily find the new content I’m creating about the Palmer Method.

That said, I won’t be making many changes to the core content of So many links have been posted online to various pages of the site and I want to maintain the functionality of those links.

Going forward, I hope to turn into the best resource it can be and use it to bring the community of Palmer Method enthusiasts a little closer together.

Do yourself a favor and take a trip over to!