About ThePalmerMethod.com

The Palmer Method was first taught over 100 years ago when photography was a relatively new technology, video was not possible, and ballpoint pens didn’t exist. All we have left from that time are really old books on penmanship that were written for a different time and culture.

To make things more difficult, learning the Palmer Method is really hard! It takes a lot of time and dedication to develop your arm to the point where you can write legibly, let alone produce graceful forms.

ThePalmerMethod.com was created to help modern people navigate The Palmer Method of Business Writing and learn to write in the Palmer Method style.

This site also serves as a tribute to The Palmer Method, traditional American penmanship, and everyone that continues to study this great American art form.

Before the widespread adoption of typewriters, penmanship was the most practical way to record information. No country took on the challenge to innovate penmanship like America in the late 19th-century. During the “Golden Age of Penmanship”, legendary penmanship colleges were constructed and countless penman were educated and employed. The finest contemporary penman of today look back at the skill of America’s golden age penman and marvel at what they accomplished.

The truth is that there are only a handful of penman alive today that can come close to mimicking the skill of the Golden Age penman. The hope is that this website will make this great American art form more accessible and help students unlock the secrets of American penmanship.

Start learning The Palmer Method today by watching the Intro Series.