Casual Writing and Why I Keep a Journal

On December 15th, 2020, I was scheduled for my first day of jury duty. I secretly wanted to be picked and I had a strange feeling I would be picked. I brought my journal to take notes during the trial and document the experience.

I unfortunately wasn’t selected as a juror, but that day I made my first journal entry in over 11 months. While I was dismissed from jury duty, I somehow kept the journaling going, which was strange as I always had a hard time keeping a journal.

Since then, something has changed in my approach to journaling, mainly in that I have no approach at all. I’m not journaling to document my life, answer life’s big questions, tell interesting stories, or become a better person. I’m journaling because I enjoy writing and seeing what shows up on the page. For the first time ever, it doesn’t matter to me at all if I keep journaling or if I never pick it up again.

I recently posted a video where I go deeper into this topic and try to explain my new journaling habit. Give it a watch below.

With all the journaling I’ve been doing, it’s given me an opportunity to do a lot of “casual” handwriting.

By casual, I mean not using my arm to write or trying to write my best Palmer Method hand. When I write in my journal, I’m often not in the proper position to write with my arm, so I use the next best thing: my fingers.

I still try to write my best traditional American cursive script, but writing with the fingers at a fast pace is a completely different beast than writing the Palmer Method with the arm.

Many people have reached out to me to ask about my casual writing. They want to know what my casual writing looks like and how they can improve their own. I haven’t thought too much about about casual writing in the past, but I’m starting to now as it seems quite a few of your are interested in it.

In a recent video, I discuss my casual writing and let you peek into my journal as I write a page in my casual hand. You can watch that video below.

Interested in improving your casual handwriting? Contact me and let me know. I’m thinking about putting some type of course together, either something for free on YouTube or something under $20. Sharing your interest and feedback will help move this project along!