The Palmer Method Study Plan Video Course

Finally, a video course to help you learn the Palmer Method.

The Palmer Method Study Plan is the only video course that explains the Palmer Method and demonstrates the drills from The Palmer Method of Business Writing. No more need to decipher what Palmer meant in his 100+ year old book. The Study Plan will show you.

Learn to write a beautiful cursive script with simple arm movement

In the late 1800’s, Americans learned to write a beautiful cursive script using arm movement. This allowed them to write quickly and legibly for hours without pain. Rekindle this great American tradition by learning the Palmer Method with the help of the Study Plan.

The Study Plan Gives You…

  • 35 videos covering 80+ lessons and 100+ drills from The Palmer Method of Business Writing. Watch and learn from an accomplished practitioner!
  • A schedule to guide your practice. The schedule outlines over 100 sessions for you to practice between videos. Know the time you spend practicing will lead to results!
  • Get instant, lifetime access to download or stream the Study Plan videos in HD after completing your purchase.

An Excerpt from the Course

In this excerpt from the Study Plan video course, Dave demonstrates how the capital D is based off of a simpler form, the capital O.

Meet Your Instructor

David, Palmer Method Instructor

David DiGiovanni has been studying and teaching the Palmer Method since 2016. He is one of the leading proponents of the Palmer Method and has published over 100 videos on YouTube about the Palmer Method and traditional American cursive.

When David began studying the Palmer Method at the age of 29, he had no prior experience beyond the ability to write and never showed any particular talent for handwriting or art in general.

With a little dedication and a lot of practice, David learned the Palmer Method and transformed his handwriting. If he can do it, so can you!

Two examples of David’s writing, one from early in his studies and another from later.

Preview the Study Plan

Watch the first two videos of the Study Plan video course for free!


How can I access the videos? Can I download or stream them?

Immediately after purchasing you will be given a link to access the videos. You will have lifetime access to both download and stream the videos in HD.

I can’t write in cursive. Can I take this course?

You absolutely can, however, you might benefit from first taking the free course at That course will teach you the fundamentals of cursive script and will put you in the perfect position to learn the Palmer Method.

I’m left-handed. Can I learn the Palmer Method?

Yes, the Palmer Method works just as well for left-handers as it does for right-handers. You will need to position your paper differently when writing. I cover this in the Intro Series – Part 5. The best part – no more smudging your writing!

How long does it take to go through the Study Plan video course?

Students that follow the practice schedule and practice on a regular basis will complete the course in 6-12 months. Other students might find it more helpful to go through the course at a quicker pace in 1-3 months, then revisit videos as they continue to learn.

How does the Study Plan video course work?

The Study Plan takes you through Palmer’s book, The Palmer Method of Business Writing. Each video covers one or more lessons from Palmer’s book and demonstrates the drills. To aid your study, a schedule is provided to guide your practice and ensure you are developing the necessary skills.

Is the Study Plan for children or adults?

The course can be taken by anyone that knows how to write and has a desire to learn the Palmer Method. Children will greatly benefit from the help of an adult.

What if I need help or feedback while going through the Study Plan?

The instructor, David, will always be available to answer your questions. Students can contact him at anytime for assistance and feedback.

60-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Within 60 days of purchasing, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the Palmer Method Study Plan, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked. What are you waiting for?