Intro Series – Part 3: What Supplies Do I Need to Learn the Palmer Method?

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Below is a very rough transcription of the video.

My recommendation when you are first learning the Palmer Method is to get a cheap ballpoint pen and some lined or grided paper. By a cheap ballpoint, I mean a true ballpoint, not a gel pen or rollerball. Those pens write extremely smooth and feel grade, but they are too slippery for writing with arm movement, especially as you are first learning.

One note for the paper is that you should either use loose paper and write on top of a stack of about 10 sheets or you can write in a relatively thin notebook. You don’t want to write on a thick notebook as it will impede your ability to write with your arm.

After you’ve spent a month or so practicing Palmer Method, I would then, and only then, begin to think about getting a dip pen, which consists of a straight pen holder, a steel nib, and some ink to write with.

As far as where you can buy these supplies, they are available online and in retail stores in many areas. Search for craft stores in your area or you can search for “calligraphy supplies” online. I’ve also put some links to supplies here.

You’ll also need something to study from!

And for Palmer Method, you’ll want to download The Palmer Method of Business Writing, published by Austin Palmer in the late 19th-century and free to download today. This is the best print resource available for studying the Palmer Method.